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In The Vancouver Sun

Shaughnessy home small in area, big on style

International influences informed design of split-level laneway house
by Jane Vorbrodt
exterior john.

photo of John O’Regan by Jane Vorbrodt

Tucked behind their 3,000-square-foot Shaughnessy heritage home, brothers and builders John and David O’Regan created a tiny house for their recently retired parents.

With some constraints — including a new garage on the site — they came up with a home measuring 585 square feet. What makes the residence feel more spacious, however, is its split-level layout.

“We spent a lot of time at city hall,” John says. “With all of the bylaws and regulations for laneway houses, the resulting floor plan was limited …

“We went with the split level to take advantage of the slope.”

When you walk in, you can see how the split level works. The main living area comprises a living room, dining area and kitchen. At the end of this space, a small flight of stairs leads to a bedroom. Almost like a tree house, it’s small but cosy, with enough space for a queen-sized bed and a bit of storage.

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The Vancouver Sun, Westcoast Homes, January 9, 2015:  Shaughnessy home small in area, big on style